Soweto Kinch @ Sunset (26.10.12)

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DSC09837-003Soweto KINCH - saxophone, rap ; Shabaka HUTCHINGS - tenor Sax, clarinette . Karl RASHEED ABEL - c.basse,  basse; Graham GEODFREY - batterie

At Sunset, saxophonist Soweto Kinch gave us a taste of his future album that is to be released in February 2013 – The Trials of Mike Smith, a contemporary take on the Seven Deadly Sins. 

A tremendous and energic live concert. Soweto Kinch delivered a fast-paced, post-bop series of solos. Impressive jazz solos (on both alto sax and tenor sax), full of melody and movement, energy and texture. And still, he explored a variety of different musical styles from jazz to hip hop, sometimes mixing approaches within a single song and delivering a bewildered and angry hip hop freestyle on which he managed as anyone to double the tempo and to get the audience participation (such as on the tune “When will I get mine” dealing with materialism).

A welcomed contrast in music, reinventing live on scene the ever-evolving (varied styles) of music !


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