Corey Wilkes & Jobic Lemasson Trio (Sunside Paris - 28/01/10)

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One of the young lions was roaring last Thursday at Sunside with Jobic Lemasson Trio. You could have seen him last year at Sons d'Hiver Festival or with James Carter at Sunside, or heard his roar on his last two albums "Drop it" and "Cries from that ghetto".

He can be heard in several music genres. He plays regularly with Roscoe Mitchell, Greg Osby, Kurt Elling, Kevin Nabors and Art Ensemble of Chicago ( he also replaced Lester Bowie in AEC).

Last Thursday, despite he was sick (gastroenteritis ... please imagine how difficult it is to play trumpet when you have that) and the fact that they haven't done a rehearsal before the 2-hour set, he was true to his reputation of brilliant player, playing mostly standards from Horace Silver to many others.

For those who missed his show, he may be back in March/April with James Carter.

For the time being, I invite all of you to discover his last album "Cries from tha ghetto". You will love, for example, the tune "Chasin' Leroy" with Corey Wilkes and Kevin Nabors (sax) playing in a call-and-response mode. Also the beautiful ballad "Rain" with his muted horn among many others tunes.

With a unique timbral quality, he keeps the music moving forward with a  sense of vitality, rythm and musicality. He can be also vibrant, as a hard bopper in the style of Freddie Hubbard. He leads several bands that play straight-ahead jazz (Corey Wilkes Quintet) and neo-soul/funk (Black Slang).

To see the pictures of his performance, click on the picture below ! I have also chosen a video of Corey Wilkes playing "Little Sunflower" from Freddie Hubbard.

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