Roy Hargrove 5tet @ New Morning (16/07/2011)

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Roy HARGROVE Quintet @ New Morning (16/07/2011)

Roy Hargrove (trumpet),  

Sullivan Fortner (piano),

Justin Robinson (saxophone),

Montez Coleman (drums),

Ameen Saleem (bass)



From his first albums (Quintet with the tenors of our times, 1994; Habana, 1997) to his last releases (RH Factor Hard Groove, 2003; Nothing Serious, 2006; Earfood, 2008; Emergence, 2009), Roy Hargrove has always maintained passion and fire in his music, capable of following his instincts, whether it is straight-ahead jazz or groove & funk. A musician always innovative and trying to erase the lines between the mainstream and the underground.




When Roy Hargrove 5tet shows up at New Morning, the club is overcrowded. Roy Hargrove and Justin Robinson showed a beautiful complicity, as always. The melody is uplifting and is accentuated by the musicality and rythmic expression of Montez Coleman on drums and Ameen Saleem on bass. But I would say that the biggest surprise was the pianist Sullivan Fortner who revealed beautifully the harmonic nuances and made more effective the dynamics and brightness of the 5tet. The man should not be released from Roy Hargrove 5tet ! My word !


Jazz is fun and Roy Hargrove is one of the most faithful representative !



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