Joe Lovano Us 5 @ New Morning (15/03/2011)

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Joe LOVANO (flute, saxophone, clarinet), James WEIDMAN (piano), Petar SLAVOV (bass), Otis BROWN III (drums), Francisco MELA (drums)




For more than 2 hours at New Morning, his band (two drummers, bass and piano) improvised on Charlie Parker's music. It is far from being only a tribute album with rearrangements of his compositions. Pieces are  entirely rethought and interpreted in fresh, imaginative ways such as the tune "Barbados" with two drummers creating a Carribean feel and beat. Joe Lovano relies upon the creative talents of his 5tet: while improvising and breaking the theme into melodic fragments, the drummers alongside the pianist and bassplayer go their separate ways. For instance, the up-tempo "Donna Lee" turns into a ballad with piano and bass providing a background for love sent through his saxophone. On "Moose the Mooche", the band is messing with time and rhythm, while on "Yardbird" he is charming the audience with a mid-tempo ballad.


Hearing Joe Lovano is always a joy to hear: his sound and his ability to challenge and push music into new modes of artistic expression.  He is constantly seeking new ways to express his music and creativity.


I don't have any pictures to share of this beautiful jazz performance, but I suggest you go through this teaser of "Bird songs" new album.





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