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Deux anecdotes tirées de l'autobiographie de Miles Davis (avec Quincy Troupe). Mon livre de chevet, je dois bien l'avouer ... Et vous quelle autobiographie d'un musicien conseilleriez-vous comme livre de chevet ?

Miles and Brownie:

" In June 1956, Clifford Brown got killed in a car accident, along with Richie Powell, the pianist who was Bud Powell's younger brother. Man, that was some sad shit. (...) Everyone had been raving about this young trumpet player who was playing in and around Philly, who could play his ass off. I think the first time I heard him was when he was in Lionel Hampton's band, and I knew then he was going to be outstanding. He had his own way of playing and if he had lived he would have been something else.  I have read in places about me and Brownie not being able to get along becase of competition between us. That shit's not true. We were both trumpet players and we were trying to play the best we could. Brownie was a beautiful, sweet, hip guy who you couldn't help but like to be around. He was a clean-living guy who didn't hang out much. He and I got along real good when we saw each other".

Miles, a boy ?

A l'adresse d' Elaine Lorillard, organisatrice d'un petit festival pour de riches blancs américains ...

"I was sitting over in a corner, minding my own business, when the woman who had organized the festival came over ... and said something like: Oh this is the boy who played so beautifully. What's your name?

Now she's standing there smiling like she's done me a fucking favor, right? So I look at her and say, Fuck you, and I ain't no fucking boy! My name is Miles Davis, and you'd better remember that if you ever want to talk to me (...). I wasn't trying to be nasty or nothing like that, but she was calling me "boy"... ".

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Milady 12/03/2007 20:49

Ben, les deux allaient de pair, c'était le sens de mon comm... vieilles habitudes sudistes essentiellement, où le Noir était «boy» ou «son»...

Milady 10/03/2007 12:20

Ouais... fichu paternalisme...Bon week-end toi !

y. 10/03/2007 12:43

Je rajouterai qu'à côté du côté paternaliste, il y a peut être aussi un facteur racial ...